Film Compression for Internet


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I just made a 10 minute movie on Final Cut Express. I want to be able to compress it into a file that can go on the internet (Less than 50 gb). What's the best compression method?


Quicktime, mpeg4, good or best quality, reduce the frame size by about 1/2.
I'm going to go ahead and move this topic into the encoding section.


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Quick time is cool....

But the program I would sudgest to use is called Autodesk Cleaner XL

great program.. makes for the video to be pretty clean and compact in HDD size..

check out my site and look at the videos.. those were all compressed with that program..

and what is also cool about that program is that it will compress in as many sizes you ask it to do... so if you want to give a choice to people online.. its great...!

Tim Kolb

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Moving the source file to a PC is probably impractical, and you may not have any desire to in the first place, but Windows Media 9 is also very, very good and the encoder is free from Microsoft...

Not free, but also very good is Canopus ProCoder, which does multiple formats and can output multiple filetypes simultaneously.

...but these are both PC only. Something to file away in case you should ever want or need to output something for PC.


If you're ok with a bit of compression... you might consider using a QuickTime Movie file and using the Sorensen Video 3 compressor... also consider compressing your sound... QDesign Music 2 is good.

Compression will affect things... but it will help you to create a satisfactory file that viewers will be able to enjoy... and if you don't over-compress it they will forgive you for the compression.

Also consider using smaller video sizes... like 320x240 instead of 640x480... play around and find what works best for you.


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Here are my tips:

- Use a QuickTime format (QT is the most compatible)
- Use Sorensen 3 (more compatible) or H.246 (better compression)
- Halve the frame rate (i.e. 24=12 or 30=15)
- Halve the size (640=320)
- If its wide screen, remember to crop off the top and bottom of the frame. This way, you don't have unnecessary information in your file.
- Multipass encode for best quality.

And remember to compress your audio as well. There's nothing for depressing than to see a high quality video from the internet with crappy sound quality.

- QDesign Music is good, as DerekEastham said.
- MP3 Audio is also good
- Some people say to down mix the sound to mono, but it depends on the project.