Film From 2 Cameras is Off. One Darker, One lighter. What should I do?


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Should I correct the darker film before I edit things or should I just edit the two cameras footage, which is off as one is darker the other lighter, then later color correct it etc.

Would the color correction help with the offness of the 2 film footage? Or what else should I try? Using lightroom for ISO or exposure settings?


I would do a test before cutting them together.
is one properly exposed and the other not. or are they both improperly exposed?
if both are off i would not try to match them but bring both to a middle
also if you are using fcp x there is a match color function that can try to get it in the ballpark.
Once you know wether you make it work you can make you editorial decisions based on that.
FYi, I often find that when people shoot 2 cameras one shot looks pretty good and one not so much, So unless you have no good cutaways/b roll, I would focus on getting one good angle , just my 2 cents


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Thanks for the reply.

I use Adobe Premiere, just started recently after using Sony Vegas. How would I test for exposure on film? One is definitely darker and underexposed but I supposed that is easier to fix than overexposed film