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Hey all,

So I haven't seen on this forum any topics about suggestions for good films or books for people to watch/read. I think this could be a really good addition to the forum because I feel a good part of making films is to watch and read to pick up on different techniques, styles, ideas, etc. And I personally love reading because not only are books a great medium for telling a story, I feel like reading does so much for helping me learn to create better characters and better descriptions, etc. This is also a great way to get the word out for indy films that don't necessarily get the same marketing as Hollywood flicks.

Is anyone else interested in something like this? Let me know if you like it, and post your own suggestions. If it catches on I'll have another one next week. And if I've accidentally missed a topic on this subject that's already been started, feel free to merge this in with that.

I'll start off with my first suggestion:
Primer - Rated PG-13 for brief language.
This a very complex story of time travel revolving around two guys, Aaron and Abe. The story follows them through experiments accidentally creating a time machine and the situations that occur when they use the device. It's not a terribly easy watch- you probably won't grasp the entire story after the first sitting (I didn't and still don't entirely understand it). But it uses some great techniques and I feel it's very thought provocative. It's also a great example to show how feature-lenth films can be made for low budget (I think the budget was around $7000 and that was mostly spent on film processing).
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Shaun of the Dead - Most people have seen this, despite its lack of mainstreamatude. It's essentially a farce on the whole "of the Dead" series. Shaun, the dead-end appliance salesman wakes up one morning to find that London has been overrun with zombies, so he and his group of friends attempt hilariously to make it to the safest place they know:
The Local Pub.
Looking back, not only is the writing awesome, but the cinematography is wicked. Watch it, even if you don't care for horror.

Same goes for Hot Fuzz...

The Number 23 - I saw this recently, and I liked the storyline, even though it got one star. A man finds a self-published book about a detective who becomes obsessed with 23, and soon finds that the book bears a creepy resemblance to his own life.
Once again, the writing is superb.