Filmmaker Newbie Here



Hey everyone, I'm pretty much brand new to the world of filmmaking. I've played around shooting some snowboarding for my friends, but I'm primarily a still photographer. Recently, I've become more and more interested in getting into some more in depth filmmaking. I'm ready to start learning and grow. I've got a few questions if anyone could help me out:

1.) Right now I'm shooting with a Canon 50D, but I've been wanting to move up to full-frame. I've heard good things about the 5D Mark II and seen some of the images, but the video has some supposed flaws, such as now 24p frame rate, motion wobble, difficulty editing (nonlinear specifically), etc. Would I be better off just getting off an actual video camera, or is 24p and the other flaws overrated?

2.) What are some good books/websites to learn about lighting, audio, production, history, etc.?

Thats it for now, but I'm sure I'll be back with more. Thanks everyone who responds!


Hello Robbie, Welcome.

Well, regarding cameras, I think each man made device has its purpose. Actually I use a Photography Camera for stills and a Video Camera for videos.

There are several features that should be taken into account:

- 3CCD optics - for better image recording
- external mic input - better audio recording, mainly for dialogs.
- 24p if available (it can be simulated in post-production stage)
- HD - if you plan keep going as a cinematographer.

There are more, but these are the basics, you can find a good deal in the web in any auction site for a used video camera. If looking for a new camera, I think this is a good choice.

- canon
- sony
- panasonic
- jcv

It depends on your budget, and remember to include an external microphone like rode or audio technica and very important, lighting. You must light you subject properly to get a better perspective.

You can find useful information in these educational videos.

Remember, we keep what we have as we share it with others.