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Dear all

I am a film student doing my dissertation. It is a 30 min documentary I filmmed about a tribe's life. I finished the filming and is doing the post production now. However, I need access to edit on Final Cut Pro. I would like to ask if anyone can offer low price edit suite or laptop/ mac rental with the software (at least 6.05) on it. I only need five to seven days to work on subtitles. I have my own hard drive so it won't take your space. This is a student work, everything is low budget. I can only afford small stipend (at most $100 but we can talk). Also, I already have quite a lot hands on experience, so in return, I can help with your film as an unpaid production assistant or intern in the future. Or if anyone knows where I can find the information. Please do not hesitate to contact me via

btw i am in NYC
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