Flying without a harness


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I've got a certain shot I want to do soon where a person-- the character is a vampire-- does a quick shot of flying up to the corner of the ceiling, then drops back down on their intended victim. Not only do I not have the budget for a harness or a stuntman or any of that fun jazz, but I don't have the room for it even if I did (did I mention the budget was somewhere around... nothing?)
So... any ideas on how to make this happen? Right now I'm planning on shooting the person standstill, then frame by frame photoshopping them "flying" up to the ceiling. It'll have to be short, I know, and even then may not work half as well as I want (and if it looks horrible I'll just go without). But I'd really like to have that shot in there. Any thoughts? Any tricks you've used before? Maybe I could have the person jump down from a four foot stool, then just reverse it? What have you used in the past that's worked well?
Yeah, I've tried your idea in a little experiment I did on Microsoft Movie Maker where I simply used Paint to cut and paste images into a single frame to make it look as if there were two of me. It actually did turn out really good (for Paint, at least), so if you were to do it in Photoshop it would look very believable, especially if you were doing a quick shot. The only problem is that it takes a long time (it took me about an hour and a half to do fifteen frames).

I also make films with no budget, so if you'd like to share any advice that would be great.

Good luck!


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Outside of chroma keying and keyframing, you could just suggest the fly with quick editing. Let the actor jump toward destination 1, cut as he jumps. Let me jump to destination 1 again repositioned at destination 1 and cut as he's landing there. repeat. A quick motion blur transition with the ole "woosh" sound effect and you havn't spent a dime.