Free Electronic Background Music, WAV and MP3 available


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Hi everyone!

If you are on the lookout for music that is more geared to the electronic / EDM genre I may have something you can use in your projects. Many of the tracks I create have a lot of energy, but I am in the process of producing music that should be a better fit for background use.

I have basically two sections on my site. One is a free section you can find here: where you are able to use the tracks in your productions if you link back to my website and credit me that way.

If you dont have a website a link from your facebook account, twitter or youtube/vimeo description is fine as well. :)

I also have another section on the site with a bit more premium-ish tracks where you can pay to obtain a license to use them.

I am building this site up slowly and surely, and I am certainly into this for the long run.

Hope you like what you hear, and if you have questions feel free to ask away! I am here to help :)