Free trip to european Cities + credibilty on your portfolio


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Hi Film guys

We want to find someone to make a promo film on the lines of this vid.

I was thinking of getting some cities scenes, vids of our city apartments, local people in our offices, basically pimping our company in a fun way. The vid would go on our home page of apartmentsapart ( google it) we currently have offices in London, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw and Krakow.

It would start of in London, then visit 2 or 3 other european capitals. We could work on some agenda later of what would be cool.

Any ideas welcome in this thread as well as real candidates who want to have some fun. I would think we need 2 people, 1 photogenic male/female who is confident infront of a camera and one filmaker to shoot/edit it altogether.

This vid will get absolutely tons of viewings as it will be on every page our busy website in 20 languages ( heh, with subtitles).


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Hmmmmm I could be interested in this.

I don't normally do probono gigs, but if you're paying all the travel expenses, etc. then I might be up for this.

email me.