French composer available now. It can be for free if your movie is a master piece :)


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Hello to all, i'm Stivo, a french composer. I worked those last years as sound designer and composer for some cartoon studios and for some casual video games companies. Now i feel like i should go further in cinematographic music so i'd like to extend my work into movies.
My goal is to becomre composer for movies, i always loved cinema, i studied movies in high school, and even had a director diploma.
But my first passion was and still is music and composition.
So if you may be interested in some music with an european touch, maybe i coud help you. I'm really sensitive to movies and the way a story can be told, i think music is an important part of this process.
Here's my soundcloud, you can listen to some pieces of music i recently worked on.

I'd say i'm better in all kind of intimate music, as well as fantastic, scifi... but wouldn't be afraid of trying something else.
Feel free to contact me if my music can interest you.
Forgive my poor english and have a good day,


PS: If you want a "hans zimmer like" or another "someone like" music, ask to them directly, i don't do that kind of things, i just produce my music, with my own style and sensitivity.