Getting Started



Hey Everyone,
I've been following this forum by reading others' questions and responses. I've been an amateur screenwriter for a short while and had a curious question to share. When writing a screenplay do most of you jump right into format or do you start out with a prose style then translate it when you're done? I used to write a lot of prose and when I started screenwriting I noticed that I was trying to write everything formatted. Is it me or does it seem to stifle the creative process? Any suggestions that would help me bang out a decent screenplay?



When you do try to write in format, it can seem to styfle the process.

For me the problem is also that when I'm not writing in format it doesn't feel right or complete...

So, I came up with the solution of purchasing Final Draft. Great software... works wonders... let's me just write and not worry so much about formating... as it takes care of it for me.

Anyhow... Good luck & happy writing!

******** 10/29 addition ***********

As for how to start writing a screenplay... there are a number of methods.
>You could start writing in format like I described above.
>You could write a story in book/essay format and then adapt it into a screenplay.
>You could define & develope your characters and locations, then the story, and begin to move that toward a full book-like story which you last adapt into a screenplay.

As you can see, there are many ways to start... and none is better than another... it all depends on the writer and what they prefer to do.

Good luck!