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Making a good movie is certainly easier when you start with a good story but sometimes getting started the hardest part. Overcoming anxiety and writers block can be the biggest obstacle. I am not a famous writer but for me it is just writing and writing about anything that comes to mind and letting the creative processes get primed with whatever there is to write about. It's like pulling on a thread and it starts to come out or maybe an unfolding of sorts. I read about things that can help. One way is to do it consistently. So that writing regularly is important and becomes like a ritual. Setting aside a time to spend an hour or write a page is the key that unlocks the creative door. I think that Theadore Dreiser wrote every morning before he went to work. Another is writing from the middle of the story or about the characters or starting from a scene. I read that one great writer said that writing is editing. Another said that they sit down and open up a vein.

For me it is about editing and getting things out and into words on paper or in word on the computer and then editing and editing again and again.. I am not a writer that puts it all neatly together the first time thru. Talking also helps. Telling someone about it but this can also backfire if I don't get it down shortly after.

In fact, I have had a couple of ideas that have haunted me that that I think will work as good stories. I think I have played them out time and again in my head about how they could end. I even have a Hollywood style ending and then a more real life ending. Why can't I get it into word and start editing it? Fear? Fear of failure? The kind of failure where no one likes what I have written? I have noticed in my life that if I don't worry to much about what other people think and find the things I like that there are others that like what I like. I am not alone in my tastes and feelings about things. It's just jumping over that threshold that seems to be like the twilitezone. Well maybe doing something like this and sharing about it can help. I hope to have more time to edit. :) Any thoughts?
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My advice is read film scripts in the genre of your script. That can help out a lot. You get an Idea of scene development.