GL2 for Music Videos and Shorts?


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First off, I hope I am posting this in the right spot! I'm a musician, recently got into film as a legit thing, and just just joined this website. So I hope I'm posting this where it should be posted!

I shoot documentaries, short films and promotional videos. Mainly for personal use (Youtube, personal events, church/school etc) as i have a Canon ZR950 and truly need to upgrade. In addition to what I film now I would also be adding music videos.

Anything for me would be a step up at this point so I don't want to be desperate and not buy the best camera. However for now I am hoping to spend under 2000.

The main reqs for me are 3CCD and XLR inputs. i am strongly considering the Canon GL2 or the Panasonic DVX100B. I would LOVE for the JVC GY-HM100U and I may wait until I can afford that but I need to make sure it's good for what I am aiming to do.

Thank you!!!

PS - do I need HD? What I shoot would mainly be on Youtube and DVD; also used to shoot pilots.


Hello, let me I introduce myself.

I am Stan, a newbie in this forum too. I was reading at your post and maybe I can help. I have search for a low priced "prosumer" camera and after all the reviews and recommendations, I decided to get one of these in the near future. I has everything needed and is under 1700.

My opinion is to try to go (within your budget) for the best option. This one has a 1/4 3CCD, XLR inputs, and it is HD. I am not sure if it is 24p, that would be great, but I think that for the price, it has very good features. By the way, besides the lens, it does not have any other moving part that can break with use. It records in SD memory cards.


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if it's strictly for youtube, and dvd... HD is unnecessary.

the DVX is a better choice, in my opinion than the GL-2
cause you have the option to shoot 24p.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend JVC.

Also, if you really want to go further with this film and video thing and you do have 2000 bucks to spare for new gear-- I'd actually recommend you getting a digital slr that shoots HD Video, i.e. the Canon 7D.

Hope that helps.



As stated in the post before, the DVX100B is really a good choice if your budget goes beyond 2000. Other elements should be considered before buying a camera and spending everything in one piece of equipment. Belive me, I've been into that already.

Sound is equal or more important than image and it should not be forgotten. The integrated microphone in every camera regardless its price, is not necessary the best choice. It is suggested to replace the microphone with one of better quality. A cardioid or super cardioid electeret microphone is used for video cameras. There are several brands but the most recommended are Rode and Audio Technica. These are in the range of 250 - 270, but they worth the investment.

If you have in mind to eventually produce your own musical videos, I suggest to get the best equipment you can buy. Maybe you will ask why a microphone is needed, well imagine you will like to produce a musical video with a short story. You will need to record the dialog's voices, and what will happen if the music (asuming you recorded in a studio) sounds better than the voices? Well, I think it won't sound well at all.

On the other hand, if you have a very good audio but you recorded in a camera designed for photos and not for videos, how will it look?

There are several video camera choices, from Canon to JVC but usually we all have a budget to work with.

I personally don't have any experience with JVC, but they have very good equipment and SONY too. It all depends on what do you intend to produce and how much you have to invest.

If I was going to buy a new video camera, I will look for this features:
- 3CCD optical sensors - for better optical recording
- External Microphone input - for better sound quality
- 24p recording - for a "film looking" take, even though this can be "simulated" in post-processing (editing stage).
- Manual, exposure, shutter, focus and zebra pattern adjustment.
- HD recording - It is easy to convert from HD to SD but impossible backwards (maybe an up-conversion works). If you plan to get an equipment that you will be using for a long time, remember that BD (Blu-Ray Discs) prices are going down and soon we will be recording our home videos in BD.
- Resale value - If someday you will like to upgrade and need to resale your used equipment.

I suggest, to keep in mind these features when making a decision, and don't forget the sound.

Last but not least, lighting. Lights are what give the subject character, definition, depth. If you are shooting in a studio, lights are very important too and must have to be considered in the budget.

Here you can find more information about cinematography and the importance of these elements.

It took me about 3 months to adquire all this information, reading posts, reviews, trying , commiting errors and trying again. But I have learned in life that we keep what we have as we share it with others.

I hope this will help you.