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let me introduce myself: I'm Stefanovic and I'm almost 29. Studied theatre for 2 yrs in Belgium, graduated but the education wasn't fulfulling at all.
I started when I was 16 ( in my country you can combine regular high school with a theatre education which means you spend almost 40 hours at school)

When I started, I was pretty selfconfident, but after 2 yrs, my selfesteem was very low. I was only 18 and did not have the confidence to audition, go abroad, have some extra training,....

Now, more than 10 yrs later, after having done so many jobs I hated, I think: I should go for it again. This is what I want, this is what I love, but there's a gap of almost 11 yrs in between and I don't wanna always talk about why.

Why I'm here, because I wanted to know what kinda short term workshops in London or NY or great to learn some extra techniques.
I find so many online but even if I'd do something for 2 or 3 days, I wanna do it well.
I always have the feeling that people say: you can act, but I don't know how or why I do certain things.
I also need some advice on how to get jobs and how to write a resume

Thanks already

Theresa Pickett

Workshops in New York

Workshops in New York

Hi there,

A great way to find workshops is through recommendations from other actors. I personally really enjoyed Michael Howard Studio for Film and TV acting / Larry Singer Studio for scene study in NYC. There's also Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre for improv.

I knew some people who took acting classes at NYU through some kind of workshop / non credit program. Also check to see if any actors that you look up to offer acting classes.