GS500. . . again


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Ok, so I just posted talking about lighting a big interior w/ lots of windows. Now comes the technical questions.

We are shooting w/ the Panasonic GS500. I've decided I do like the ProCinema mode, so I'm going to use it. And we're going to have a polarizing filter on the front of the lens. So. . .

Nowhere can I find the ISO rating of the chips. So, I tried to extrapolate the ISO by comparing the manual aperture/shutter on the camera, the LCD display, and the readings I was getting from the light meter. I approximated an ISO of about 320 in low light. However, I then tested it in a very brightly lit, clear day. I assumed ISO 320, and I metered. The meter said f/22. I put the camera on f/22 and alas, it was extremely dark. Confused, I tested the ISO outside, and it appeared to be ISO 25! Almost 3 stops slower. I did some research, and found out that the GS500 has automatic ND filters. . . hmmm. . . So, how do these filters, work, and how can I make sure my meter readings are always accurate? (My DP, rightfully, refuses to work only from the LCD, since the brightness and contrast aren't always accurate). Thanks!