HDfilmfest offers distribution? Is this real?

Jared Isham

I looks to me like it is just another festival to submit to, not saying that it is bad.

A breakdown of what they are saying.

You pay them money to submit your film for consideration. They guarantee they will give you feed back.

If you don't make it then that is it.

If you do then they screen your movie at their festival (which can be good if you are doing the festival run - but HDFilmFest is not considered a top tier film festival so it should not be the first one you submit to). Then they submit your film to producers/distributors to try helping you get distribution which in essence is the job of a sales agent. You would have to read the fine print to find out if they will take a cut or not.

From my experience, to avoid your film getting put in the trash by distributors you have to do more than just send them a copy of your movie, you have to build a relationship and get them to know who you are. This is a topic for an entire thread just for this, but just a word of caution, don't let the "distribution" angle get you too excited. This could possibly be a great film festival, I have not heard much about them though. The first thing is getting into a festival...which is super hard in itself.

Good luck!