help me out please


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i currently attend UWO here in canada for business.

i am really interested in film but unfortunately my gpa is very low and even if in get high marks this year i wont be able to get an overall 3.0gpa which is needed for transfering to nyu uca usc etc. (i have a cumulative avg of 60% as of now for the last 2 years) very low, i know. In HS I had a 3.7gpa (84%).
This year im planning on getting a 90%+ since i switched my major to german and im fluent.

anybody got any ideas as to maybe which GOOD schools don`t look at the overall but at the last year gpa. And more so on portfolio as well.

Btw, UWO is ranked among the top 3 universities here in canada, `05 it was ranked I really don`t want to transfer to some 2nd rate no name school.