Hey im new with premiere and i have a question?

El Magnifico

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In the Source window, can you zoom in in the time line. like if its a 30 min vid and i want to get like 10 sec from it. But i need to search the video to get it.
kinda like sony vegas (zooming in in the time line of the source file).

Also if i am correct premiere pro doent like MPEG files?

Kim Welch

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did you find your answer?

did you find your answer?

i was wondering if you found what you were looking for?

Tim Kolb

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PPro isn't any worse with MPEG than anything else...

It's biggest limitation right now is that it can't handle any MPEG bigger than 35 Mbits/second or anything at 4:2:2...so it only goes up to standard XDcamHD at 35 Mbits/s and 4:2:0.

I work with this format a lot, and it works well and looks great, but when I want to shoot at 50 Mbits or 100 Mbits/s 4:2:2 for FX work, I'm currently hobbled.