Hmmmmm...I wonder what it could be...?



Yesterday, a bit of a buzz developed within the film and video community when a rumor of a possible HD camera from Canon showed up on the forums.
No details have been officially released, but a date has been specified within the leak. "September 15th". That is when this supposed wundercam that "will not disappoint" will be announced and displayed to the public at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.

Of course, people have been waiting for quite some time to see an HD/HDV offering from Canon, but this really does feel pretty sudden, albeit brilliantly timed. Speculation as to what this new Canon will offer has been running rampant before the XL2 was even announced last year. Certainly, there are many people who've prepared themselves to be swept away into Panasonic's arms when the HVX200 is released. But, they're likely to be awakened to their senses and called back into the wild when they see what Canon has in store. It's highly unlikely that Canon will introduce codecs that topple Panasonic's, but they will probably be on par, if not identical through licensing. Once the codecs are established, there are still a handful of questions that remain...

Will the form factor remain? Dog legged, open body architecture as with the XL series?

Will Canon actually mount one of their high quality HD lenses on the camera?

If so, will that mean the lens is still intended for (3)1/3, (3)1/2, (3)2/3 CCD or CMOS, maybe even a full frame CMOS?

Does my suggestion of 2/3 or full frame sensors make me sound insane? I'll answer that for you...yes it most certainly does. The camera will more than likely feature three newly developed 1/3 CMOS sensors.

Will this camera have just as many, if not more recording options than Panasonic, i.e. MiniDV, Direct to Disk, and P2?

Will this camera be priced competitively with HDV cameras, or will it be so kickass that is justifies the cost to creep upwards of around 10 grand?

Hmmmmmm...I guess there's nothing we can really do except wait and see what Canon announces on September 15th in New York...

UPDATE: The original post that contained the leaked information on the forums has been removed and/or relocated. I will update this post with another link that contains the information if one is made available to me before September 15th.


Well, it appears as though there is in fact an XL-style HDV offering coming from Canon.
Here are some sneak peak images from IBC.
I will update this post with specs as soon as possible...
There is still speculation that Canon will surprise with another camera during their Expo in New York next week on the 15th. So, people who are still anticipating a full-fledged HD (non-HDV) camera from Canon are still keeping their fingers crossed...