How can I get some attention


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I would like to know some effective ways of getting well known on the web through things such as youtube like SMOSH and the ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD have


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It depends on if you want to be known for doing good production work, or for having a gimmick. I'm not judging whether one is better than the other, but it seems these days that trying to move from a gimmick into legitimate film and television work is the equivalent of a porn star trying to move into legitimate film and television. Sure, it can happen. But when's the last time you heard about it happening?

Also, the advent of Internet film distribution is over. With everybody on the planet armed with a video camera and a computer, there is a lot more "bad" product being spouted on the 'Net in recent years. On the flip side, there is also some good work going up. The problem is sheer volume -- there is too much for anybody to look through in order to find your good work.

The best bet is still submitting work to festivals and going and networking in person. If you want a career, this is still the best way to do it, because festivals naturally separate the wheat from the chaffe.

Now, I have friends that have done "viral videos" that have gotten national and international attention. But they are having a much harder time breaking out of being a "web star," and moving into higher dollar markets.

Viral is good, as long as it's creative and makes people laugh. The only way videos become viral is if they are broad enough to make people want to forward the link to their friend. And how many of those do you get a week? How many do you just skip by without even checking out? That's why it's hard.