How Much Can You Bring Down?

Jason Lang

New member
I was wondering about what I can do in post with a 16mm image. I recently shot on 7205 250D on the SRII with Super Speeds. To balance out some shots so that my backlight background wouldn't go to hot I underexposed a 1 1/2. It was a 3 stops difference so that let my background go 1 1/2 over. In a simple program like final cuts color correction will I be able to bring that 1 1/2 down a more if I feel its to hot, without it making anything look odd?

Also one side question is I was spot metering the sky which as I moved away from the sun was about 3 stops over. The shot was a wide shot and I'm just wondering if I'll be able to hold some blue in the sky that is 3 over?