How to create 360 degree YouTube Videos


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In this tutorial I show you how you can render your own 360 degree virtual reality YouTube videos using 3dsmax and VRay!


You need to prepare your equipment first, such as camera in capturing and recording the video for your virtual reality environment. After capturing your video, you need to edit it and synchronize using a popular 360-video editing platform such as Kolor Autopano. After rendering your virtual reality environment, you need to use VR headset (such as Oculus Rift) to view and interact with your virtual reality environment. You can read more details here.


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1) get a 360 degree camera rig. or make one. (i love going the frugal way)

2) if you want to provide an immersive sports/travel VR experience, go for 6 gopro's on each side. Record on 2k. Occulus rift has an amazing 2k x 2k per eye viewfield resolution. (i dont know the technical terminology but it looks fucking amazing)

3) Stich the video using kolor.


I make travel videos and im about to make my 1st 360 degree video. Also youtube is starting live 360 video streaming. Exciting times ahead .. 2016 :D


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Melife Explore 360 is a 360° Panoramic Camera.
It can help you make the 360° video.
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6)2.4G Wireless Remote Control
7)VR Function in Apps
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