how to simulate the news


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in a film i want to simulate the news beeing on tv, does any one know a good way of doing this, or where i could get some templates to do it with?

David McDonald

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The video copilot templates are can also modify those to make them a bit more unique.....or just make your own. It's really not that hard to design news templates.....they're usually just little boxes in different shapes with gradients or transparent colors. Just look at different news shows and copy things you like.

As for compositing it into a scene.....In the past I've actually burned my VFX shot onto a DVD and actually played it on the TV and filmed it off the TV because it looks way more realistic than compositing a really clean and perfect looking screen onto it. But if you're good at degrading the image a bit (like adding grain and flicker or scan lines) to make it look like it's actually playing off a TV then it can look pretty good sometimes....but you also have to make sure it's perfectly motion tracked and/or Corner Pinned to the TV properly.


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You can dink with virtual sets but it's quicker and easier to just call your local news stations and ask for some time to pop in and shoot what you need on their set.