I am tired of having my time wasted!

So far, I have had '0' "acting" gigs. Only shit-stirrers mucking me around.

The other month there, this guy asked me to help him produce a film. It was probably a scam. He boasted that he used Facebook and had a Kickstarter page coming when I slated his highly questionable ad, and he could only get emails through a Gumtree contact form in an ad which later was deleted, so go figure.

Another person from a university wanted people to pledge money to make a movie about war, yet the original ad made no mention of the project's Indiegogo campaign or its social media sites.

I just stumbled across them after I applied to be a soldier through StarNow and I got my hopes up. I also purchased 40's style glasses since I have myopia, and got rejected. Upon asking for feedback, the director (a lady) said the other applicants had more experience and that was why I got turned down. Yet the ad said no experience was needed. So I think she rejected me over my having a touch of autism, even if I am not going to know the truth. One look at my videos perhaps indicates that my disability could cause a hindrance. Now they had to cancel it recently due to the "key assets" backing out at the last minute. Serves them right. They boasted that Legion Scotland was backing them, but they just had too many bright ideas and no funding. You should get everything planned out prior to looking for a cast. So many film amateurs do the same thing. They keep falling short of the mark because they are ambitious, but sloppy.

Another person emailed me about a week's worth of work coming up soon, but has yet to email me the exact time and location of each, and the names of the projects would be useful. Well, I have not received a reply and I really won't hold my breath here.

Another guy had to cancel his short thriller film allegedly due to bad weather and then said no extras were needed now. Even their logos for their production companies look fake and photoshopped. Jesus!

I do not know what these people are up to, but they seem very unreliable and disorganized. Nobody should put up a casting notice until after they have attracted some interest first. It would be the smarter thing to do.

Another person has an ad for a horror film and this person promises to pay people only if it gets produced. So what does that tell you? It may not be made at all and I am sure after 10 March, I will be informed that it is not going ahead any longer, or I will get some excuse.

I honestly think the acting world has too many scammers, and people that muck wannabe stars about with false promising.


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Well a lot of times, especially with small productions, projects are scrapped ALL the time. I do it a lot (luckily it doesn't involve screwing people over like this). The thing is it is extremely hard to go through with a production. Unfortunately, this is an art form where money can make or break the production a lot of the time. If money is not available, the production may fail unless the creators adapt. My best advice (not being an actor myself but a director) is to just try for as many things as possible while still avoiding scams. Trying for the maximum number of projects will get you maybe 1-2 jobs but that's pretty significant. Also look for people who realize that they may fail before they get off the ground. Look for people who are upfront because these are the people who have probably learned to work to the best of their ability while still realizing that things could go south really fast. They may also be the ones most likely to protect you because they have an awareness for how this can affect everybody, not just themselves and their money!

Jared Isham

It does suck.

The one thing that I have seen that works - and don't get me wrong, this is a lot more work than the massive amount you are already putting in - is to make your own opportunities. If you are desperate to act, then why don't you try producing a project on your own. That way, you can determine whether the project is canceled or not, you can also fire people for being flaky and assemble a team that will get your project done.

The less you have to rely on other people for opportunities to pursue your passion the more likely you won't be let down by them. I know producing takes a heck of a lot of work, but may try small, do a 1 min dialog scene. See if you can find a writer on the forums who wants some produced content. I also must say, don't be scared of working for credit and reel material on Student Projects. It is not always glamorous but in the past I have cast 3 actors in a feature I produced after working with them while I was in school.

Good luck and hope it gets better.


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Thank you for your uplifting advice Jared! Also, tavisnortham, I agree with what you said, (try for as many things as possible...).

Never give up!