I need advice on starting out... Please help me


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Dear Filmmakers,

I am about to purchase my second camera. I used to own a Sony HVR-Z1U and I'm about to purchase this camera yet again. I'm possibly looking at the Sony HVR-Z7U (new) but I don't know if the interchangeable lenses option is a necessity. I am hoping that some of you would have mercy on and give me advice. I can't afford a Red One but I look forward to putting in my order next year for one but in the meantime I must settle for something I CAN afford. I am looking in the $6,000 or less price range. I would love to stick to three to four thousand because then I won't have to save up again for my camera's accessories such as filters, mattebox, tripod, tripod head, stabilizer, etc.

Can anyone be so gracious as to advice me if the Sony HVR-Z1U is good enough to shoot a documentary and a feature or if I should go with interchangeable lenses instead of adaptors? AND if I should even go Sony?
If you have other camera suggestions or any other suggestions/ways to go please share your thoughts with me for I will be extremely grateful to you all for your kindness.

Thank you.

Elmo Ramos, Jr.
Music Composer/Filmmaker