I need lots of help around shotgun microphones...


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Hey guys,

Basically I need better audio than my on board T2i camera mic can provide (obviously).

I was looking at microphones (shotgun) but I'm really confused over the matter.

My budget (including some form of shock mount, but I could make that myself) is exactly $450 NZD.

But there is one problem - If I DO get a mic, I have nothing to record onto.

Then there is another thing I don't understand. Do I need a phantom power device with the mic? Will the AA battery do well enough (in the mic) with a 20 ft cable?

I was planning to get a Zoom H4n to record onto, but that's over half the budget gone already.

It's for a local film competition, and I recon if I can pull this off and win I will be able to approach a company and apply for funding for equipment (as I now have proof)

So do you guys/girls know any good solutions for this issue? I guess I could use the T2i input, but in the future I don't want to.


Bob Kessler

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There's a lot more to production sound than getting a shotgun mic. Technology is important, yes, but the techniques with which you use that technology are even more important.

You can get gear on the cheap. A Tascam DR-40 (US$200) and a Rode NTG-1 (US$250) are just barely in your budget, but you still will need a boom-pole, a shock-mount and wind protection plus cables. You could go with consumer items like the Zoom H-1 or the Tascam DR-2, but then you will need a shotgun that supplies its own phantom power via battery such as the Rode NTG-2 (US$270) or Audio Technica AT897 (US$230); you would need an impedance matcher and still need the boom-pole, shock-mount, wind protection and cables.

If you are merely going to put a mic on top of the camera you may as well get something like the Rode VideoMic Pro. It will definitely sound better than what you are using now. However, if you want "professional" sound you should have someone whose entire job on the set is capturing solid production sound. This, at the least, means a boom-op. BTW, a great boom-op is worth his/her weight in gold.

My first suggestion is to hire a professional. Of course, most will balk at that, so my second suggestion is to hook up with an up-and-comer at your level. There is also the rental option, which will get you better equipment than you would buy for yourself.

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we have several sound workshops coming up including one with Rich Topham you should come too.


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Thanks guys,

Long story, but after I posted this I spent my whole day browsing around for microphones but as I did so I uncovered the whole phantom power issue and other things like that. (On dial-up, I think that deserves a medal :D)

I already knew I needed a shock mount and pole and some form of wind protection.

So I looked on ebay and found a decent mic (RRP $600 NZD) but it was used. It runs off of batteries (power) and I can just do a DIY job for a shock mount, blimp etc.

I definitely do not want to use a T2i in the future and I will save for the Zoom h4n.

Honestly, thank god for the internet.



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Hi! Someone could you tell me about shotgun microphone. I find on ebay a RODE mic NTG-1 AT897. Is it good microphone? Thanks for information!