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My name is Remigiusz Fajfer and I am a 40 y.o. pensioner from Poland. I just got this idea for a short movie and I do not want to sell it, but I want somebody to make it and include me as the concept creator. Just a name in the "thank-you list"

So the idea is very simple, but perverse. One day God makes a claim He suddenly wants an Internet connection in heavens above. Angels are in trouble because it appears a simple Wi-Fi or LTE would be no good - mostly because of technical problems. They need fixed-line stationary Internet and they try to get one. As Lucifer finds out about it, he wishes as usually to spoil the thing and there goes a war. Thousands of angels die with lots of blood. At the end the angels as usually find a way to give God what He wants and He gets His Internet. So at the whole end it appears God just loves one strange guy, who has no friends on facebook and when the guy makes videos for YouTube, there are always about 6-8 views under each video. It appears that God is one of these views.
Now this can be as well 3 minutes as 15-20 minutes video. If someone would really like to - it would also be a 1.5 hour movie. Basically a sci-fi pompathic, spontanous slapstic/comedy - as I figure. If YOu need to contact me on this, or would like me to write version of a script for this idea - feel free to contact me on
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