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If you mean the "germ" of an idea, here's one. Note that I'm a retired postal worker. :cool:

The initial setting is a USPS automated mail sorting facility. A woman working there has approximately a dozen co-workers in her section ... all of whom she considers close friends. But one day while taking a break in the employee break-room, she discovers a discarded document. And the document clearly indicates that one of those friends is planning an act of equipment sabotage that could put her life and the lives of other coworkers at risk. Who composed the document and the specific target of that sabotage is unclear.

She is hesitant to turn this document over to either her supervisor or the Postal Inspection Service because she knows that doing so would put her entire crew under scrutiny. Instead, she decides to see if she can find out which of her friends composed the document - confident that she can talk them out of it.

J. Alec West

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Write a script and make a movie about the world suddenly and quickly running out of oil and gas in the year 2525. The prices get to be like $500.00 Five hundred dollars a gallon. Come up with the solutions the people in positions of authority will use. A time when there are no more places to drill holes in the earth or the oceans. No more countries to protect of fight to secure the flow of oil and no more oil.

Or maybe there is suddenly a huge uptick in earth quakes and they find out that because of all the oil we have take out of the earth we are going to have a series of earth quakes that will destroy the planet earth.
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