I'm the new guy...


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Just wanted to say, ciao!

I'm a graduate of the American Film Institute - Cinematography Fellow. I'm currently working at 20th Century Fox and have shot a few music videos and films since working there.

I wrote a Urban Fiction / Fantasy book, partly based on my time at AFI, about a film student who goes to Europe to track down the work of his favorite painter, Caravaggio. If you love film and art, you should check it out! It's available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

I'm going to shoot a book trailer soon, so I hope to get some advice and maybe some crew from you folks. ;)

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you folks.


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Nice to have you here at the site, you seem like a promising young figure in the film world and I hope to see your work one day. :)

Have fun at the forum by the way, this place is great! ;)

Kim Welch

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make a movie

make a movie

i hope we inspire or help you to make your next movie! and it wins several major awards which you don't forget to thank us for helping you :)