I'm thinking of getting into film, guys, but....


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Hey, this is my first post here, so my bad if I don't introduce myself properly ;)

I'm a high school student going into senior year. I already have to look into the future and stuff, and right now I have 2 end results in mind. Either I take my dad's advice and become a doctor, or I follow this passion of mine and become a filmmaker. I would go for the latter indefinitely, except I... don't really have much film experience. The most serious thing I've done relating to film was entering the Apple Insomnia Film Festival. I've done short videos on Youtube, but I doubt they're any good at all. You can visit my homepage to see them. Anyway, I want to get a good start and see if film really is for me. After all, if it really is worth going for, I should know what is ahead for me.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas for me to officially make my start as a filmmaker?
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Write a script no matter how bad, or how short, film it, edit it, show it to family & friends and get feedback good or bad, take advice and roll with it and repeat.

The best advice I can give.


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Only you will know what the best decision is to make. If you really want to be a filmmaker, you can do that no matter which path you choose. That means you can either choose to only be a filmmaker and scrap the doctor thing OR you can be a doctor AND a filmmaker. The most important thing is which path you want to take. If you become a doctor, chances are that you surely won't have to raise a lot of funds to make your projects because there will be money coming in from your great salary in the medical field to fund your movies.

You can get filmmaking experience both in school and out of school. The best thing to do as far as experience goes it to just start making films, even if they are short ones so that you get used to the flow of things. You will learn by trial and error. You can go back to school and major in film or some kind of media related arts to get access to equipment and learn about your craft OR you can take a few classes that are offered to teach filmmaking. These classes may operate faster than a four year or two year study because they are usually more focused on the end result (a finished film) without all of the other stuff.

Do some research on the filmmaking and media organizations on your area and see if they offer any film related classes. You may be able to use the classes to learn the technical side of things which will be helpful.

Bottom Line….if you want to be a doctor, be a doctor. If you want to be a filmmaker, be a filmmaker. However, who says that you cannot do both? It’s all up to you.

Try and weigh your options, skills and resources and that may help you to make your decision. You can always get into filmmaking. Can you always become a doctor? If you want to take a vacation, try filmmaking for about one year after you get out of school and then decide if you want to change your mind and become a doctor. If you have opportunities and contacts that will help you to become a doctor, keep in touch with them so that there will be a door open for you if you decide to enter the medical field.


I would get into doing travel documentaries like treating the poor people of Zimbabwe.

Or plastic surgery on the rich in Beverly Hills.

This way, you make your daddy happy too.

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This sounds all to familiar. I am a 56 YO lady and have done all sorts of things. I have worked as a machinist in a large factory, a mechanic working on cars and trucks, driven big rigs for a living, currently own a gunshop and jewelry store.
I got into video production about 4 years ago out of a need to produce some advertising for my store and some special products.

I still dont know what I want to do when I grow up. :D

Follow your heart. If you want to do films (video) do it and be very good at what you do.
There is always room out there for someone else to work in the field.

As was mentioned, write a script and then shoot it. Just remember, shoot lots of footage so you can edit out the crap and make things work.

Always give yourself a fair amount of pre and post scene footage so you can make good transistions.

If you feel the need to do trick stuff (FX's) do it because it adds a special quality that will make the viewing experience for the audience better.

I see so many pieces that newbies edit that they just cant resist the urge to use the goodies and tools to do stuff as the scene changes.

An FX for the sake of doing it does not add to the quality of the video but in many cases detracts.

I was recently viewing a wedding video that had more swirls and fancy fades and crap than was needed.

Shoot some nature stuff with animals in the wild and make a travel documentary and then edit it out and do a voice over during post.

Get loads of cutaways and other good shots that you can use to add substance and value to your "film" Video.

When you edit it, tell a story with your work.
We are going on a "Safari" to ????????? and you film dear, bears, squirrels or ????????.

Nature and animal outdoor projects will allow you to get loads of time behind the camera and really get creative with the editing suite too.

Take along a good DSLR to get some other real high quality shots that you can use as lead in lead out shots or for other cutaway stuff.

If you decide to do a project with actors, especially novices, be patient and dont be afraid to do many takes until you get it the way you want it.

Break scenes up into manageable chunks so the actors dont get burned out with long strings of dialogue.

You can do all the magic in Post and make it look marvelous.

Good luck




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You do have experience in film you watch movies.
The way you gain experience in film is you make movies. You have a home movie camera take that and start shooting films like you've been doing. As a matter of fact I will watch the videos you've made and tell you what I think. Here are some things too help you. View each of these in the order that I give you...





I hope those are helpful they were to me.


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Not to wax philosophical but.... I have found the keys to happiness in life is doing what you love and finding a way to make money while doing it.

With that being said, every other person I know says they would like to be making movies. So the question for you is.. is this a want (I would like to do it) or desire (I have to do it)?

If it is a want, be a doctor and watch lots of movies. It it is a desire, start now and be hungry. There are plenty of opportunities out there for someone who really wants to get into the business. Almost every studio, Post-Production house, animation firm and so on offer some type of internship program. Most schools can also help you out with that. It also is relatively easy to become an extra on any number of film projects. You can sign up for those opportunities all over the internet. Use it to get on a set and see what is really happening and ask, ask and ask questions.