In search of screenwriter for masterfilm (Animation)


I'm a Belgian Animation student, busy with making a shortfilm to get my masters degree.

The short would be about being an adult and that it's not quite so easy to find your own path.

I've already have some concepts and sketches for the project, but the writing needs some tweeking and refining.

Therefor I am in need of some help with writing.

I want the story to be a bit funny and want the timing to be around 3 or 4 minutes.

Please send me a message if you're interested in helping me with an animation short film.

Maura B.

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Hello and welcome to our forums!

Your project seems to be rather ambitious. I wish you the best of luck in finding the right co-workers and I am looking forward to seeing the result once it is done :)


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The animation student,

How's everything going with your project?

Were you able to find a screenwriter to help polish and fine tune the story and script for your project?

If you're still looking for people to collaborate with, I recommend going to the Filmmakers Network section here:

It's free to sign up.

Also, on another note, for inspiration, check out these articles related to award winning animation student films:

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And this is a student animation short film that won one of our film contests.

This student animation actually got the Cover of one of our magazine issues, and I have it enlarged and framed on my wall. The Cover Art is one of the storyboard drafts created by the filmmaker, Janice Chun,

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