infrared shooting for video clip HD 24P



what kind of accesories and film should i search in order to shoot a video clip on infrared mode?

I would like these opened eyes with green reflection on the dark

I woul like to see sometimes big areas keeping the effect on the eyes...

What kind of camera or accesorie?

What kinf of lights? infrared lights avilable? wich?

Any suggestion? I am shooting HD24P...


Rick Solomon's 1 C of Cinematography...

Rick Solomon's 1 C of Cinematography...

In order to get the infrared look...hmmm, we could talk to Rick Solomon :lol:
Sorry, I had to... :wink:
Ok, at any rate, with your HDCAM, I'm not sure if you'll have such a setting, but I know Sony's little cheap handycams have the setting, it's generally found within the camera as an option used when there's no light at all, you know, like night vision.
If you’re unable to perform this action from within the camera, there are post production filters that can be applied through editing or effects programs that should give you this effect, regardless of how you originally lit the scene. That would be my only suggestion...again, unless we can invite Rick Solomon onto the forums and get some advice from him? 8)