Interview with Film Editor Extraordinaire Cara Silverman

Kim Welch

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The March issue at the link above has an excellent interview with editor Cara Silverman and includes:

On the Cover: Camera crew films Zoe Kravitz (who plays Ashley) and Johnny Simmons (who plays Ryan Brewer) for a scene in the Sundance Grand Jury Prize-nominated film, "The Greatest." Photo courtesy of Silverwood Films.


Fried Lighting Circuits on the Set
When Your Genny Fails, and Blowing Granny's Fuse Box is Not an Option...
by Jack Anderson


Jessica Oreck's Debut Documentary "Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo" Defies Labels
Passion, Art, and Science
by David Kaminski


17 Fast Tips for Creating Realistic Dialogue
Get Your Conversations Rolling
by Sherri Sheridan


How to Be Your Own Art Director, DIY-Style
Essentials to Capturing Just a Bit of that Old Hollywood Gloss
by John Hart


Collaboration in Post Production Can Take in Many Forms
Interview with Film Editor Extraordinaire Cara Silverman
by Kim E. Welch

Music & Sound

The New Medium in Capturing Sound
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
by Bryant Falk

Props & FX Makeup

3D Prosthetic 'Bondo' Transfers
Molding Your Character
by Todd Debreceni

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