Introduction of Steveandthefilm

Steven Kent

New member
Hello, my name is Steven Kent. I go by Steveandthefilm on the networking part of the student filmmakers website. I have been on the site for a total of almost 5-6 years. I joined back while I was in high school and tech school. I have been a feature member since that time, and was considered for the May 2008 edition of the mag.. I hope to bring some of my experience and skills to the table and help anyone that would like it.. I haven't worked on anything solid until this point in time; I am currently working on a feature length film adaptation to my first short that can be viewed <-- Here. The short was filmed with no budget, and was cut-short on edit time. The new project I'm working on will most likely end up being completely different.. right now we have the rights to use any music by the underground band Eyeshine. If you haven't heard them check them out If there is anything else you want to know or if you need help on a project.. Don't hesitate to ask!