Introduction & Opening to EENDAG, the ever-changing movie


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You can now start viewing EENDAG online, starting with this scene:

Around the earth the sun moves... or so it seems anyway on the sundial in Kevin's garden, on which the hours seem to be speeding by.

Close by, a bar of chalk can be heard, screeching away softly on a blackboard in the garden.

Kevin is trying to sort out his thoughts by scribbling onto the chalkboard and staring at what he knows about time. He writes it in the form of questions though, as when one can't accept anything as unquestionable when one is brainstorming a plan of action.

Is time set in stone?

Are we strictly bound to time?

Can time be manipulated?

Is it possible we could move back and forth in time?

Kevin steps back and ponders these questions.

Yes, they're the ordinary childish questions many a young person has asked.

And yet, have they ever been answered conclusively?

Maybe Kevin has already learned the answers during everything he has been through this past decade. Among all those details he has tried to ban from his mind, all he wonders now has probably already been answered.

Meanwhile Majoor Blaffinski, his best furry friend, sits on a garden bench and watches attentively, almost asif to understand. Majoor Blaffinski has made many a trip in this life with Kevin. They are inseperable bossom buddies.

Kevin looks at the sun, shining through the overhead branches of the giant pine trees. As they have done in millenia, the sun and the earth do their dance, one around the other, and time passes.

Kevin walks over to the stone table on which Kevin's laptop, ironically a Muyz brand, and his notebook, The Encyclopaedia For The Explorer, and Kevin's big journal are ready for reference work.

He moves his notebook and the Encyclopaedic volume aside, and reaches for his journal. Many important events from his life have been documented by him in this book.

If Kevin is going to defeat The Evil One, he will have to know his past, present and future situation.

Because one day...


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