jvc proHD or dvx100a?



next summer i'm going to make a 30 minute short and as of now i'm going to shoot it on a dvx because my producers own one; i've been trying to convince them that we should look into buying the new jvc HDV model, the GY-HD100U, because, after reading a lot about the camera and about hdv in genereal, i'm dead set on wanting to shoot on something better than the dvx (and the jvc seems to be the most economical hdv). am i wrong? do you think dvx is good enough? are there really any disadvantages to hdv, besides having to do some conversions in post and whatnot? also, does anyone know a lot about the new jvc model? pros/cons of it?

thanks guys.


This will have to be a quick post, because I'm on the way out the door.

I don't know much about the JVC, but there are advantages and disadvantages to HDV. And I'm not sure how long HDV's going to stick around, especially after Panasonic's new HVX200 camera coming out in the fall. But that's just speculation.

I personally love the DVX, and there are several feature films that have been released recently that used the DVX100a.

What is your planned final output? HD video? SD video? film blowup? Television? That would probably influence your decision.



Chris, you keep beating me to the punch damn it! :lol:

The DVinfo and DVXuser communities have some great threads on this and other HD/HDV models. Some articles on the JVC can be found here

The reason I am directing you to those forums is because there's some great analysis provided, going into great depth and detail on the entire unit. From its physical characteristics, to the picture, and to the post production and distribution feasibility of the HD/HDV format.

One thing I can say, with primary focus on distribution - by next summer there *might* be a couple HD DVD/Blu Ray player/recorder units on the market. However, these products will still be new, with no signs of universal acceptance. I direct you to the HD DVD and Blu Ray battle. Even though your investment in an HD/HDV camera future proofs productions for the next few years, it doesn’t negate the fact that you will currently be distributing the final product in standard definition.

Now, with regard to your choice between HD/HDV cameras on the market. By the time you shoot next summer, you will have these four models to choose from.

They don’t necessarily fall into the same price parameters, but they do offer about the same ratio in bang for buck, you really do get what you pay for with these cams.
There is also a poll between these cameras on these forums featured here.

Of course, there are a handful of other HDV cameras available on the market provided by Sony and JVC, and there will likely be even more by the time you make your decision, but these 4 in particular appear to be the front runners within this range. If you haven't already, I suggest you also do your research on these other models and see how they appeal to your needs in areas that the JVC might not.

If your producers decide to stick with the DVX100, perhaps you'll at least be able to persuade them into picking up the new DVX100b, this way you'll at least have a two camera set up. :wink:


thanks guys

sorry i hadn't got back sooner.

i'll definately look into those sites, that's really awesome. and i really want to convince these guys to get something better, but i mean the dvx is good so idk. thanks tho