Kindred Spirits, The Rough Draft Version - Ideas Welcome

Paul Holloway

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I am writing my first screenplay. I might be taking a screenwriting class later on but this is my first one so there might be formatting issues with. It. I know the 3 basic things you need in it: Scene Heading, Action and Dialog. I haven't added character descriptions yet. That might be the last thing I add before this gets finalized. I am gonna describe my screenplay to you and if anyone has any ideas on how to make it better let me know.

Kindred Spirits:

It is a romantic mystery story.

Act 1
We meet the character Daniel who is moving from California to New Mexico. We see a brief flash back of his time in California with his girlfriend as he breaks the news to his family that he is leaving. It doesn't leave things well and the girlfriend even trys to manipulate things by trying to act suicidal to try and get him to stay. Daniel manages to stop her but moves to New Mexico anyway. Back in present time he moves in with his mother and sister. While angers still blame because he is upset with the move. Topics of the deceased father come up as well in the family conversations, who died 10 years ago but the family still remembers the good times with him. Daniel adjusts to the relationship with his ex as he starts a new life. The next day he transfers to a new job and starts making some new friends at work. Daniel works at a retail store near town. While he also meats Heather, a attractive associate who begins to non-verbally flirt with him but with Daniels head not in the game and still hung over the ex, he never does anything. He finds out shortly that Heather is no longer there anymore and on top of that his ex has decided to not call him anymore and move on to someone else. The end of Act One has Daniel upsets and getting into a car accident at the very end.

Act 2
Daniel recovers from the accident and tries to fix his life. He starts to study more forms of Photography and eventually meets and befriends Paul. A film major (played by me, if ever goes into production) who tries to help him with his women troubles. He shows him to some schools. He takes him to a psychic for a reading on his future. The psychic tells him that death is all around him. Daniel eventually see's someone in a cafe that reminds him of the associate he once knew. The two of them start to become friends. She claims she isn't the person he is looking for but she will help him find her. She also announces she is engaged to a wonderful man and Daniel arranges that Paul be the videographer for the wedding. Daniel also arranges to meet the fiancee. So he secretly uses Paul video equipment to spy on him and catches him with a blonde mistress. He over hears Kyle, the fiancee saying he took care of Nikki's sister. Daniel reports back to Paul and says we don't have all the info and let sleeping dogs lie. On their last meeting before the wedding. Nikki reveals that she had a sister about 1 month ago and was found to be killed by suicide. This devastates Daniel because he knows she is the one he is looking for.

Act 3
The Wedding happens and Daniel and Paul prepare for it. Daniel see's both Nikki about to be married and Heather in the distance. He approaches Nikki and tells her how can he see her if she is dead. She hands him a mirror to show him his reflection. His reflection is Paul not Daniel and tells him that Paul is a figment of himself the memories of what his life was like. It is then Daniel remembers the car accident and the fact that he really died. He was only able to see her because she was dead to and the sister needed help because it is revealed how Heather died. She was in the car talking to the brother in law telling him there is a guy she wants to ask out for the wedding. In the car Heather see's clues that the brother in law was cheating on her sister. It is just then he grabs a gun and the two struggle with it but it eventually leads into Heather getting shot. We see the fiancee hiding the body. Back at the wedding when all is revealed Nobody can see Daniel anymore because he realized he is dead. He tells Nikki that justice hasn't been done and your sister is marrying a murderer. Heather reveals that Daniel has a way for him to come back alive since he rescued his ex from taking her life the universe will give him one more shot to make things the way he wants. So Daniel and Heather dance as everything around him starts disappearing. He realizes he is at the start of the day when he first moved to town. Daniel makes things right with his family ex girlfriend and tries to find Heather before she gets murdered. He finally arrives at the moment when they are struggling with the gun. Daniel manages to stop it (haven't figured out how yet).

That is my story. I still am debating on how to write the final scenes after he stops Kyle from shooting her. Also if anyone knows any alternative endings you think might make it better. I am open for discussion. Sorry for the long summary but that is my story. Right now I am writing the final cafe meeting up into the wedding scene but everything else I have written.