Lenses for HD filming



:roll: What kind of lenses have you experienced with shooting on HD for film?

What about the new Cooke S4HD Zoom o r the Panavision HD Zoom?

Do you prefer Digiprime or Ultraprime lenses by using Pro35Adapt?

Any suggestion? any problems you experienced?...

Thanks in advance!!! :wink:


You might want to post this question in Roy Wagner's forum.


I have used Panavision's digital Primo zoom's. I have also used the Zeiss Digi primes. I have not used the new digi zoom.

I like the Panavision lenses mainly because I have always been partial to Panavision gear. The lenses are extremely good, and I like their look. I know that the Digi primes are supposedly sharper, but I don't see it (not disputing it, I just think the two lenses are so good that they are nearly indistinguishable differences).

A friend of mine who was on Collateral said when they switched from the Panavision system to the Digiprimes that they found the Digiprimes were better lenses, but once again nearly imperceivable differences.

You would not use the Pro35 adapter with these above lenses, as they are meant for HD.

I have used the Coke S4s (in 35, and with the Pro35) and Panavision's Primo lenses. They are both great lenses. The differences are mainly personal taste. I found the Coke's to be a little warmer, and softer (slightly, I liken the effect of like a 1/8 PM). The Primos are a little colder, and I guess more neutral, and tack sharp.

Kevin Zanit