Light kit < $1,000


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I have about $1000 to spend on a 3+ piece light kit that I can use for my DV productions. Does anyone have suggestions on a good, well-rounded light kit for under a grand? I was looking at B&H's kits and I'm leaning towards Lowel. Any objections?

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I'm going to guess that this would be your first lighting kit, so I'm going to suggest that you not spend too much on it. Lowell make fine instruments, but they are a little on the pricey side.

I'm going to suggest instead, that you take a look at the Britek instruments here to get an idea of what they have available:

They also sell kits, but I believe you would be altogether better off making your own "kit." I own a full complement of pro lighting, but I also picked up some Briteks and I am VERY impressed. They have to be the best bang for the Buck anywhere.

I think you will have some difficulty in spending half your budget, so you could spend the balance on all the other lighting tools that don't come in most kits. C-stands, flags, cutters, diffusion, frames, reflectors, stingers, tape, gloves, gels, etc., etc.

If you were to be more specific about what kind of projects you will be lighting, including the kinds of locations, I could be more specific in my recommendations.