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I am looking for a reasonably priced, basic light kit. I was wondering if anybody knew any companies out there that did basic kits, or sold pieces individually. Specifically, at this time, I'm looking for two omnis, possibly a third, a zip (soft fill), and the accesories (barn doors, stands, etc.). I am also looking for some other things like large flags and gel sets. If anybody knows any good companies (preferably with website and something like e-checking) I would very much appreciate it. And, while I'm on the subject, maybe if somebody knows any good sellers for expert sound equipment, I would appreciate that too. Thanks.


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hmmm. Lowel makes good high quality lighting equipment, but they're expensive, as is Dedolight (which would probobly be my first choice). Then a little cheaper you have smith-victor stuff which I haven't tried, but looks pretty decent. These are probobly what you would be interested in. You can get into Mole Richardson or Arri if you want, but those can get pretty expensive. As for sound, Sennheiser is the leader (sennheiser 416) but that's super expensive, so those of us who can't afford that stuff go with Audio-Technica which sells high quality stuff at reasonable prices. Be sure you do your research on anything you buy, but most importantly, try out the equipment first (as many have said throughout the forums).

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This response pre-supposes that you know what you want/need in the way of heads, etc. The best bang for the dollar if you're starting out can be had with Britek fixtures, available from Rostronics:
Tom Rost, who owns and runs Rostronics is one of the nicest and most accommodating people you will ever encounter and the Briteks themselves are light, portable, inexpensive and the cool down quickly. There is also quite a variety of heads and they sell stands, softboxes and cases.

For other stuff - flags, reflectors, c-stands, grip-arms, etc. - I like Amvona:
and 2DreamMaker:
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