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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="69" height="75" border="0" align="right"><img src="" alt="Lights, Camera, Save! Video Contest" width="125" height="125" hspace="10" border="0" align="left">Lights, Camera, Save!</a> is a unique video contest designed to get teens excited about saving money and a chance at $3000. <strong>Contest Requirements:</strong> (1) 13-18 years old allowed age range. (2) 60-90 seconds video length. (3) Saving money message. (4) Oct. 1-Nov. 1. contest time period. <strong>How Can You Get Involved? </strong>(1) Find a participating bank. If there is not one in your hometown, look for one in your state, or neighboring state. (2) Request a contestant entry packet. (3) Create and submit your video. <strong>How Can You Get Your Class Involved?</strong> Find a participating bank in your your hometown. If there is not one listed, look for one in your state, or neighboring state. <em>Enter the contest today!</em><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><b>Click here >></b></a>.