Looking at Film Schools


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I am a College Student located in Chicago, and I am trying to figure out what are the best film colleges to go too.
I am told that Columbia college located in Chicago is good for film, but I want to expand my options.
Would appreciate the advice, the college doesn't need t be located in Chicago.
I am trying to go for a video editing / documentary studies direction at a "reasonably" priced school. (I looked at the American Film Institute and there tuition alone for a single semester is 90K!)

Johann Peter

There are a lot of film schools all around the world of different standards. Most of these schools provide distance as well as the full-time course. I studied filmmaking as a distant course along with my undergraduate course. During that time I was staying in a shared accommodation in Vancouver. I studied the portions of filmmaking after coming back from regular class. It is quite difficult as it is difficult to manage both. So I would recommend you to go for regular class.
1. CalArts
2. Los Angeles Film School
3. Toronto Film School
4. Vancouver Film School
These are quite good film schools. Just check.