Looking for a Composer for a Dramatic Short


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I’m currently in post-production of my thesis film titled Because I Love you and I’m in need of a composer. This short is a dramatic thriller with a current runtime of 12 minutes. It’s about a young woman’s journey to recovery after an abusive relationship. After seeing countless films that portray women in domestic violence films as needing a new man in the end, I decided to take the opportunity to tell a different kind of story – one that rings true for victims and survivors. A story that doesn’t end with our main character finding new love in someone else but rather finds herself finding the courage to forgive.
I am intending on submitting this short to film festivals in hopes of getting some recognition and to bring some light to this topic.
As of right now, I'm looking for music that is somewhat similar to Breathe me by Sia and Till it Happens to you by Lady Gaga.
Please respond if you are interested and include what your rates are.
Thank you for your time.


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Liked the synopsis of your film!, it has some dense topics it discusses and that always makes for an interesting film.

I am a composer, and would love to add a project like this to my reel. Now comes the coin flip! I primarily use orchestrated music (as most film music is composed this way)...I do love to experiment and could probably create a wonderful hybrid.

So, perhaps some food for thought. I just really enjoyed the description being a composer, themes start to cloud the head as I continued to read, so if you have any interest at all in something more underscore "ish" feel free to write me back to brainstorm.

If you are dead set on a more contemporary sound, that is absolutely fine to! The music needs to reflect precisely what the director has worked so diligently on, so it is important to apply exactly what you need. Good luck on your project and maybe I'll hear back~!

Cal McCarthy

If you would like some samples or something custom, let me know. I also don't charge (least not this point in my career haha)