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Enter this in SF film Festival along with Sundance and any others!

Short Film B&W - The film must maintain a mystery. 50's genre. Hitchcock style.

Fly on the Wall

Boys walk by and whisper that there is an
Old woman who is never seen coming or going from the old creeky house. Rumor has it that she has lived there over a hundred years. No one knows if she is alive.

Woman next door is old and 80'ish and boys walk by and explain that she is a widow whose husband just died a few years ago. They point out her nice car and say that "she doesn't drive it because it is against her religion".

One night the old woman from the creeky house sneaks out and into the neighbors yard where she crawls underneath the parked vehicle. The view of her begins to dim and all that is heard is the old creeky house screen door close. Elusive and mysterious.

Solving the mystery, we begin the slow walk up to the old house. open the door (creeking)slowly and cautiously, walk inside, pan around, slowly creep up the stairs, hear typing, find the attic stairs, slowly climb the stairs sneaking up on the unsuspected old woman, pull back a sheer veil.

The old woman is eaves dropping on a telephone conversation. She listens intently and then begins typing the message. When she finishes, she grabs a black marker and marks out all but a few words, then fold the message and places it in an envelope. She stops and grabs her fly swatter and slaps the fly that is buzzing around. Her back is to the camera. She begins to eaves drop and listen secretively to another telephone call. She repeats typing a message and again blacking out the words.

The camera pans in and the scattered words are readable:
Meet, me, black, friday, parking, lot

She begins again to eaves drop on another call, types, blacks out, and folds the message. This time the camera pans in on the envelope which is addressed to:


Slowly the screen credits begin - comedy like writing: Cartoonistic

For the Sake of Prosperity

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Old Woman - Head of FBI - Special Unit
Child One - US Citizen
Child two - Foreign National
Child three - US Minority
Neighbor - Granny (that is all we know)

Props: consider telephone (old switchboard) or special cell phone, fly swatter, old typewriter, black marker, envelopes, and paper.