Magazines, Books, etc. within a Student Film


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Hey folks, quick question. :)

I'm writing a short film which requires props such as books, magazines, mobile phones, etc. The specific magazine and phone are not crucial, as they aren't plot-points in themselves, just that the character will be seen reading a magazine of some sort, and using a phone of some sort for texting (ie. the items in question, while not important in and of themselves, are shown prominently onscreen). The book's title is a plot-point however, and I hope to show the actual book within the film.

My question is this: is there any permission needed to show these things in close-up onscreen? I'm particularly worried about the book, as cover artwork etc. is likely to be an issue, no? :?

Kim Welch

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contact the publisher

contact the publisher

contact the publisher and get permission just to be safe