Market research: production stills for actor portfolios

Hi guys,

I am a stills photographer with a personal background in performance ranging from acting and modeling to screen fighting and acrobatics performance.

I have recently worked on a photography project with an actress. The client was looking to update her portfolio to gain her more work and so we came up with the idea to do her a production scale shoot so that the finished photos resembled film stills from the type of film and character she would like to be cast for.

Here is an example of some of the finished shots:

With a further portfolio of images here:

The images were shot over 2 consecutive days after many weeks developing the concept, styling and location research.

After receiving a lot of positive feedback from the work from both the client, her agent and several producers who have seen the work, I was interested to find out if this kind of photographic service would be useful to other actors and worth me pursuing as a specialism.

The aim would be to offer the following to actors and actresses:

A collaborative process whereby photographer and actor discuss what kind of productions the actor would most like to be involved with and what kind of characters they would like to be cast as whether it be aimed towards period dramas, comedy, action genres etc etc.

A narrative would be developed that suited the client's requirements but also remained conceptual and artistic in itself. Professional stylists and make-up artists would provide suitable wardrobe and make-up, authentic props and locations would be sourced and there would also be the option to have the shoot filmed. The actor would then be allowed to move organically through the narrative with photos being taken to resemble cinematic stills. Additional cast members could also be sourced where necessary and groups of actors would have the option to work on a production together for more dynamic imagery.

The whole process is completely flexible to the individual's needs and budget. It can be a simple shoot or a large production with special effects and wire work etc

My questions to the forum are these:

Is this a service you would personally be interested in?
Who do you think would most likely to use this service?
Do you think high quality production stills would improve an actor's portfolio?
How much would you expect to pay for the service?
What would you specifically want to get from the service?
If you could have anything done to your portfolio to make it stand out, what would it be?

I'd appreciate any feedback you could give on the subject including criticisms, ideas for improvement and questions.

Thanks and all the best with your careers,