Music composer looking to compose her first short film


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Hi all,

I'm a music composer based in London and I'm looking to score a short film (from beginning to end). I've scored scenes of movies for my online course and I've composed a track for a horror short movie. I've also composed the tracks for an upcoming indie horror video game. But right now, I would like to score a short film properly.

I can composed different styles (cinematic, ambient/atmosphere, etc..) and I'm willing to work on it for free as I'm looking to expand my portfolio.

Please have a listen at my soundcloud and contact me if interested!



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Hi Nadege,

I filmed a three minute short a few years ago and I used an amazing composer from Craigslist. I couldn't believe how lucky I got to have him agree to compose my short. We did all our contracts through email and he sent me a disc with the composition. We lived to far away to meet so we had email conversations and Skype meetings. Hope this helps.