My First Stop Motion - Clay Animation


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Hey there,

I’m new to these Forums and Stop Motion in general.
Here to get some of your opinions, on a small test.

Basically i recently developed an interest in Stop Motion Animation, so i thought i’d try my hand at a Clay Animation.
It’s very short, being my first attempt i was mainly trying to get a bit of basic experience and feedback, before undertaking a larger project.
It took about 2 weeks from start to finish.

I used a Traveler HD 10XI 5.0 Megapixel Camcorder w/ 10x Optical Zoom.
-Adobe AfterFX for Green Screen footage / Burnout effect
-Adobe Premiere for Overall construction / Simple Transitioning.
(This was also my first time using both of these programs.)

You can view it here;

Hit me up on YouTube if you like it, or have something to say in general.
Much appreciated.


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I thought it would be better to do a short test style project, then get feedback to then spend more time on a larger project keeping the feedback in mind.

I probably still should have made it longer though, i can see how it's hard to give an opinion on something around the 10 second mark.


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It's really short, but from the looks of it (lighting, lack of jitter, feel) it looks like it has potential. Unlike yours a bunch of Claymations on youtube are really jumpy and hard to follow.
Good luck if you decide to do a longer project.


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That's a great start, man and really good for a first go 'round. Reminds me of Tool's first music video, really.
Keep rockin', man. Have fun.