My new film's, The Art of Falling in Love (2012), trailer!


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Hey everyone! This is a trailer for a film I'm currently in the process of editing that I wrote and directed, titled The Art of Falling in Love. I just finished the trailer and I'd love if you could check it out and let me know what you think!

A little info about the film:

"If I'm not supposed to fall in love with every girl I meet, why does Hollywood torture me with the idea that I am?"

Connor is a young man who can't seem to separate his expectations of love versus the reality of it. When he meets Kim, an abrasive young woman who decides to antagonize him, his Hollywood-influenced ideas of love are put to the test.

Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by M. Patrick Heywood
Starring Cameron Torres, Rachel Tondreault
Cinematography by John Wood Quartana
Sound by Raymond Howard
Musical Composition by Eli Bigelow
Special Thanks to Rule Camera Boston
Dedicated to My Mother, Kelly J. Heywood
Film to be released in Spring 2012

Music Featured in trailer:
-Collecting Things by Jon Brion
-Take Your Time (Coming Home) by fun.


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Pretty good stuff. Is the girl a girl friend?
To me or the character? haha. Neither! The whole idea is there's this guy who's infatuated with the idea of finding love, so much so that he's let Hollywood's notion of finding love infiltrate his brain... to the point of hallucination, haha. One day this girl approaches him, who's the girl he's conversing with, and no matter how hard he tries, she's always one step ahead of him. It's an interaction of opposing views on love (pessimism vs. optimism) and the whole idea of expectations vs. reality! It's actually the first time these character meet one another.