my new trailer- Deployment Strategy


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Really liked the trailer - the visuals are very impressive.

Having recently graduated, I'm thinking of putting together a sci-fi short, and the stills of your set construction was very encouraging. It looks fantastic!

Chris Haigh

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Hey Mark
I've put a link on my site for these trailers cause ppl have been mailing me to post the trailer so they can hear the music, and see the look of the film. I havent really had anything to update for a while with working on the soundtrack, so hope u dont mind? I know u havent put it on your official site yet.

I love the trailer by the way even though I did have to watch it a thousand times while workin on it :lol:

Cheers my friend



hey mate,

glad you put it up there! you deserve to get exposure!!! I've been hosed as you know with work, but will get that trailer up so ppl can see your work on my site as well!