Need a co-writer for a screenplay to be produced


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Hi, I'm an amateur director/producer looking for a talented writer who could help me with the script of a short film.

The storyline would be something like this:

The protagonist of the story, a teenager is trying to spread his passion for football (soccer) to his friends to try and keep them away from narcotics and gang affiliation. The story will be set in Bangladesh, a country that loves the sport (since I'm shooting the film over there with friends, during summer).

This probably won't benefit you in any way, except the credits. But if you want to help me, I'll be ever so grateful. Please contact me at

Thank you lots.


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director15 said:
I probably could help but I probably wouldn't get the dialog right considering I don't live in Bangladesh :D .
The film would have an universally applicable theme, so I don't think you'll have much problem. Contact me at my e-mail if you are still interested please. Thanks :D